The words we forget to say

It's that time of year, as we move through the solstice, celebrate the many winter holidays, and wrap up the past 365 days in a nice little package called last year, when we turn around and see the people we see everyday with new and appreciative eyes.  I am so grateful to count as my friends and coworkers some of the most intelligent, dedicated, innovative people I know.  So often I grumble my way through my days, consumed by my stress, and anxiety, and irritation.  Yet, in the midst of all of that, amazing people are making amazing things happen.  Everyday.

So here's to taking a deep breath and a step back and remembering to see and to acknowledge all the awesome in this life.  To all of my dear friends, incredible colleagues, wonderful classmates, and brilliant family: all my love to you this Holiday Season, and every auspicious wish for the New Year.


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